Our Story

Our Vision & Mission

Castomize is a medtech company on a mission to make healthcare more accessible, effective, and less invasive through the creation of new medical devices made with advanced manufacturing and design techniques.

Our Vision is to create a world where everyone, everywhere can gain access to the healthcare they need to lead healthy, fulfilling lives, regardless of financial or social status.

Our first medical device is a series of orthopedic casts which are more comfortable and convenient for patients while being easy and accurate for doctors to apply and remove.

Executive Board


Founding Story

Established in late-2022, Castomize started as a spin-off from the Singapore University of Technology and Design with the goal of advancing the medical devices industry with 4D-printing technology.

Despite being a young startup, we have gained a substantial amount of pre-revenue traction, having attained several grants and entrepreneurship awards in the Asia-Pacific region, as well as several healthcare invention awards from organizations such as the National Research Council of Thailand.

We are constantly looking for avenues to increase our positive impact. If you are a like-minded innovator, please get in touch with us.

Where We Are Now

Where We Are Now

To bring an optimal product out into the market, Castomize has been collaborating with the National Healthcare Group of Singapore on finalizing the cast as a new standard of fracture treatment.

Approaching the final stages of development, Castomize is actively seeking healthcare partners. If you are interested in testing our trial products and seizing this opportunity to become part of our journey, please get in touch with us!

Where We Are Going

Where We Are Going

Castomize plans to expand the product line beyond the current offerings, extending to other limbs of the body. Our pursuit of excellence leads to the constant improvement of the materials and design of our products.

With these advancements, Castomize aims to revolutionize the patient experience in the medical field, by providing top-notch, highly effective solutions that meet the needs of both healthcare providers and patients. We envision our medical devices to become an integral part of healthcare solutions globally.

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