Our 4D-Printed Casts

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Our Cast is made with lightweight, breathable materials that provide superior comfort and support. Its unique adjustable design allows for custom sizing, providing a perfect fit every time. Our 4D-printing technology allows for thinner, lighter casts with improved flexibility and durability. With our cast, you can enjoy a more comfortable recovery experience while still getting the support and protection you need.


How It Works

3-Column Layout
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Heat our cast for 1 minute using the Castomize provided heater, or hot water.

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Place our cast on the patient’s arm, and attach the clasps. Cast will begin to self-mould to the patient’s hand, and doctors can make adjustments if necessary.

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Hardens in minutes, and application is done!

Castomize in Action

4-D Printing – Our First Core Technology


4-D Printing is a revolutionary new technology that allows for the creation of complex medical devices with unprecedented levels of accuracy and detail.

It uses advanced 3-D printing techniques to create objects that can be programmed to change shape or function over time.

This technology is ideal for creating custom medical devices that can adapt to changing patient needs and anatomical features.

4-D Printing is the future of medical device engineering, and we are proud to offer this cutting-edge technology to our customers.

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