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Our Mission and Vision

Castomize is a medtech company on a mission to make healthcare more accessible, effective, and less invasive through the creation of new medical devices made with advanced manufacturing and design techniques.

Our Vision is to create a world where everyone, everywhere can gain access to the healthcare they need to lead healthy, fulfilling lives, regardless of financial or social status.

Our first medical device is a series of orthopedic casts which are more comfortable and convenient for patients while being easy and accurate for doctors to apply and remove.

Why Patients Love Castomize

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Significantly Lighter

Almost 5x lighter compared to traditional casting methods

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Fully Waterproof

Prevents an itchy and sweaty experience

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Fully Ventilated

Allows fractured area to breathe more, further boosting patient comfort

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A Safer Option

Higher wound visibility reduces the risk of complications

Why Doctors Love Castomize

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No Tools Required

Adaptive 4D-Printed cast custom fit to patients

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Increased Accuracy

Easier to monitor fracture healing progress

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Quick Application

Rapid morphing of cast to match individual

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Easier Monitoring

Doctors can monitor healing progress easier and can utilize telemedicine


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