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Bringing Casts into the Future

Castomize casts bring an unprecedented level of comfort and convenience to patients, empowering them to lead unhindered daily lives.

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Many Patients Dislike Wearing Casts Due To

Need to Avoid Water

Water contact increases discomfort and risk of complications, hindering healing

Poor Ventilation

Leads to an itchy and sweaty experience

Bulkiness of Cast

Weight of cast hampers daily activities

Existing Challenges for Doctors and Casts

Tedious and Tool Intensive

Multiple tools required for application and removal, 30 minutes of time needed

Difficult to Monitor Condition

Fully enclosed casts hinders inspection of healing progress

Potential Complications

Misfits can cause cast burns and compartment syndrome

What makes Castomize better?

Castomize casts were precisely designed alongside orthopedic experts and constructed with trailblazing materials and manufacturing methods, revolutionizing the existing cast market with a new range of benefits for both patients and doctors.

Faster Healing

Optimal ventilation and temp accelerates healing.

Increased Comfort

Cast properties allow for unhindered daily lives.

Reduced Weight

Unique design and custom materials lead to a lighter cast.

Faster Application

Less than 10 minutes required to apply and remove.

Ease of Monitoring

Increased visibility allows for easy wound monitoring.

No External Tools

Application and removal does not require external tools.

Curious about the future of orthopedic casts?

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Microfluidics; Digital fabrication; Medical devices development

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